Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Master of His Domain

Hopefully this dots all the Is and crosses all the Ts as far as this particular card is concerned. This is one of the very first images/cards that I chose for the deck, although when I did the sample images it was nothing more than the original line art against a cream background. It shows Mister Punch playing a game of Cups and Balls with Earth as his ball and a spiky wand to spear it on as his cup. Aside from the coloring, the additions that I made were strictly to bring it closer in line to Waite-Smith symbolism. The Magician is one of about two to four cards that really have to be RIGHT in order to nail down any given deck, IMHO. I think that I put off finishing it for so long because I knew exactly where I was going with it, and wanted to see how the rest of the deck was going to shape up first.

But now -- as of yesterday, I have the base art selected for all but about four or five of the cards. That means I am definitely Over The Hump -- it's all down hill from here. Getting the base images right is really half the job. 

-- Frede.