Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Designs on The Queen

This is the last card I had to complete among the Royal Families. I have five cards left to go: four majors and one minor.

It had a different base image slotted in until just yesterday. I'm so glad now that I changed it. In the original image, Punch seems to be offering the lady a Victoria Cross medal. It wasn't until the last minute that I thought to sub out the medal for the cup -- DUH!

Barring disaster, I will have all the base work on this deck finished by Friday, and will be able to go back, make the final revisions and refinements, and get this puppy in the physical works... "I are 'cited!"

If it seems that these have gone by fast, just consider that this is "what I am doing now;" it's all that I'm doing now: no writing, no side projects. Pamela Colman Smith created her deck in five months, and I'd have to go and look at the dates, but I dare say it's been just about that for the creation of this deck from the time I started working on it until now.

Many thanks for joining me on the journey!

-- Frede.