Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Ass in The Mirror

Well, this is more than a little bit unusual for the five of swords, but I'm kind of tickled with it. In his role as a Trickster figure, it is Mister Punch's job to hold up a mirror to us and force us to see the truth about ourselves... in the pages of Punch magazine, Mister P. particularly relished this role. "You, sir, are an ass. Look for yourself." One wishes that some of today's politicians would look into this particular mirror. Mister Boehner, being a particular Horse's Ass, would, I am sure, get an enlightening view of himself.

I actually built a Victorian room around these two. That's a real Victorian oriental rug that they are standing on; real Victorian wainscoting lines the wall, and above that is real Victorian wallpaper.

-- Frede.