Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Paging the Page

Although he's last in order of appearance, this is the first Page I've done for this deck. Sometimes I wonder why I don't just start at the beginning, and move on in order until I come to the end. Instead, I bounce all anyhow through the deck, that's just the way I am, I do the cards as they come to me. It helps when you've taken the time in advance to do your research and select your base images... the last eight or ten cards I've done were laid out for me already like a roadmap. Now I'm reaching the point where I need to take a day and just sift through more images, figure out where they are going and what's ahead. 

It also helps that I basically know the card meanings this time around. When I made the Zirkus deck, I was learning as I went and a lot of extra time was taken up learning each card. I'm at the stage now where I know the basics, but an continuing to find nuances of meaning for each design.

-- Frede.