Thursday, April 23, 2015

Devil in the Details

The base image for this card was just right, but I was feeling a little bored that day and wanted to juice it up: so I built Mr. Punch a new gibbet with rope that had substance, and in place of the cartoon Devil that he was hanging in the original drawing, I added in an actual Devil puppet from one of my mother's Punch and Judy sets (long gone now, alas; thrown to the winds in auction). I twisted the puppet's body this way and that to make him look more dingle-dangly, and because I wanted him hanging over the edge of the stage (but didn't want to lose any part of him from the card) I added in a second proscenium: actually a Punch and Judy ball-toss game.

The question that this card asks is, Who is really the Devil here? Where typical Devil cards depict The Horned One as an Evil Influence dominating humanity from outside, this one more or less clearly states that Evil comes from Man, and is an influence extending outward to darken the world.

Only one more card reveal left!