Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Mother of All Revisions

... lies not in what I did to the background of this card (although I am one thousand percent happier with this version), but in the font. I just made a lot of extra work for myself.

I own about a bazillion fonts. Even so, finding the right one for any given job can sometimes be a horrible difficulty. Right from the beginning, the font that I have been using for this deck -- P22's Parrish Hand -- felt to me only like a close approximation of what I wanted. It had the character that I was looking for, but not the weight -- and it was not 100 percent historically "right," either. I tried, literally, dozens of other fonts ... and I had many that had the weight I was looking for, and were even evocative of the right historical period ... but they did not have that slightly off, slightly funky character that I was looking for (or if they did, they had other issues, like for instance not having a complete character set). 

Just today -- literally just minutes ago -- I found a font that I thought had everything I was looking for. I bought it, plugged it in to this card -- and I love it. I was right. It's perfect. It's called "Wilder."

This means I have to go back and change the lettering on every single card I've done so far. I'll likely do this at the very end, when I'm making the final files for production. As I do *not* propose to go back and make all-new internet preview images for this site, you will just have to imagine the different font when you go back and look at the older cards.

I didn't want to spend the money and I didn't want to do the extra work... but when something is right, you know it's right, and if you're going to be able to look at yourself in the mirror you just have to do it whether you want to or not.

-- Frede.