Sunday, April 12, 2015

Flinging Babies

Of course Mister Punch is most noted for his bad behavior, and his behavior is never worse than when directed at his own family -- in particular, Punch Junior. I think it is really doubtful that there are any professional Punch and Judy performers still working today who actually allow their Punch to shove his baby into a meat grinder and grind it up into sausages, but it is fervently to be hoped that they still allow him to toss the baby out the window. I fondly recall my first Punch and Judy show where the baby was flung wildly from the stage and landed with a plop right at my feet. One looks at one's own parents in a much more appreciative light after one has witnessed their first Punch & Judy show.

I may add some yods back into this one before it sees print... I don't know. I'm kind of pleased with it the way it is, but a Tower card without yods just doesn't feel right.

-- Frede.