Il LOMBARDI DANNEGGIATO - The Deck that Looks Like Hell

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-- Thorn

Although it's a wonderful "Marseilles" style deck, the Italian "Lombardy" Tarot isn't, to my knowledge, currently "in print" anywhere in the world. So I decided to make my own.  Gathering images of the card faces from a variety of public domain resources, I first cleaned them up, resampled them in Photoshop... and then distressed the hell out of them.

The result is Il Lombardi Danneggiato.... a beat-up, battered and grungy deck
that looks every bit as old as an original Lombardy would be!

Available in Standard and BORDERED Editions
Now everyone can have a reasonably-priced, limited-edition Lombardy that
looks like a vintage deck that has been around the block a time or two.

"Oh god this is great! Thank you so much for your work
and for the prompt shipping!" --Thorn M., Etsy Review.

The "Standard" Edition is a straightforward (if Deeply Distressed) reproduction
of the deck as it originally appeared: only the card back has been changed.

The Bordered Edition features a new frame designed by me, removing the black
borders of the Standard version. It features a different marbled card back.

330 GSM "Ultra-smooth" stock from Germany is also available as an option. 

78-card tarot deck with Majors & Minors, plus a "cover card." Shrink-wrapped.

Click the photos to enlarge.

Don't forget...
... your matching cloth Tarot Bag

Features the same design printed on both sides.  4" x 7" • Top zipper closure.
Easy to take around and also fits nicely into any handbag or purse. Made from 100% polyester cloth cover with high-density foam inner and black liner. $24.95 postpaid worldwide. Click here to order.