Sunday, April 12, 2015

Today, London -- Tomorrow -- !!

The base image here has been with the deck right from the start: this is one of the very first cards I laid out, and one of the original Punch magazine cartoons that made me think of doing a Punch tarot in the first place. Beyond the coloring, I've done little to it other than to take out the line-art for the globe and replace it with a real vintage-style globe. I could have put a wreath around him, I could have included the four angelic symbols that typically reside in the four corners of this card, but I decided not to. Mister Punch himself and the attitude that  he is posing are all the symbols this card needs.

All but one of the minors are now done, all but three of the court cards are done, and all but nine of the Majors are done. Of the Majors, only three do not have their basic design quite nailed down yet.

I'm beginning to feel that I've come around the final turn and am heading for home.