Here's some of what folks have had to say about
The Tragically Comic or Comically Tragic Tarot of Mister Punch!

Picture by Satu Vaananen

"This deck has haunted me for a while… It is such a wonderful deck - I am very controlled over what I buy now regarding self-published decks - but this one is just too magical to let slip by. And I love the Golliwog & Zirkus Magi. I love everything you do... This one - with its hook-nosed, eerie Victorian stage set dolly creepiness - has me spellbound. … It's that eerie, rather sickly side of Victoriana which I always loved and which this deck captures so perfectly. Borderless cards too so all that unhinged sideshow clutter, the manic grins and hooked noses spill right out to the edges of the cards. It's wonderful that the world of tarot has something for all tastes. … Thank you for these extraordinary, inventive decks you do! There is nothing else like them in the tarot field.”
— Le Fanu, edited from several Aeclectic Tarot Forum posts.

"As soon as I saw this deck, I loved it. Knew of Punch and Judy but did not know the history behind it. After ordering the deck, because I was so drawn to it, I researched and learned the history. The deck started opening doors before I even received it! It arrived quickly. I read another review where someone complained that there was no LWB included, however I think it's an asset. My opinion is, just look at the cards, they talk to you! In the future I will be ordering the Magi deck too. Thank you so much, I love this deck."
-- Lynne D., Etsy review.

Picture by Satu Vaananen

"Just to let you know that my tarot arrived safely thank you. I must say that this is a most extraordinary deck, full of delightful imagery and with a wicked sense of humour! The more you look, the more little details reveal themselves. I especially love the Hanged Man and the Knights. The back that I chose is beautiful and makes shuffling slightly hypnotic. I shall very much enjoy using these cards." 
-- Julia S.

"This deck is amazing. Quirky images lead to imaginative visions. Love being able to pick my backing color as well." 
-- Rae, Etsy review.

"This deck is so unusual, colorful, funny and beautiful. I bought both Duck Soup tarot decks as well as the book, which I believe will help me read and understand these cards. I can't look at them without smiling!" 

-- Laurie S., Etsy review.

"I love this deck, literally love this deck. I've been working with this deck and a couple other indie decks and the Punch Tarot has made a clear connection!"
-- David P.