Friday, April 17, 2015

Judgement Day? -- Or Just a New Year's Allegory?

Although I didn't find and hadn't seen this base image until well into the process of making the deck, it's just a fact that drawings like this are the reason that a Punch Tarot seems inevitable. This is actually a detail of a much larger drawing, a simple (?) New Year's allegory published in Punch magazine to usher in the year 1891. Beyond the cropping, I didn't have to do anything other than color the thing. Another, later New Year's allegory will appear on one of the remaining cards.

It's all done now. I've been through, made the final revisions and changed, formatted the final images, and the deck is off at the printers for the excruciating wait to get a printed proof. I'll be posting the last few cards slowly over the next couple of weeks. 

Meanwhile, I've already started designing the add-ons. What do you think of the new Reading Mat?

Although it's based on the King of Wands card from this deck, I can think of any number of wonder tarot decks that it would work well with! Hope you like it.

Still more to come -- it's not over yet!

-- Frede.