Thursday, March 5, 2015

When We Were Lovers...

This one took the longest of any card design so far with this deck: nearly two full days of work went into it, divided by a couple of weeks. I still think the Crystal Palace is too.... something. I dunno. Other than that, I'm feeling pretty smug about this one. Part of the difficulty was in trying to decide how much of the original image to spare, and how to juxtapose the parts of it that I was keeping. At first I tried to keep too much of the original image. 

Here's what it looked like when I started:

As you can see, aside from stripping away almost everything, I had to "take in" the Crystal Palace a little bit.

I scanned this direct from an old leather-bound volume of a collected year's worth of PUNCH magazines. This book is one of two major sources for base illustrations, but it's a little frustrating because there's not as much there as I would have liked. Back in the old pre-computer days when my mother was making art jack-in-the-boxes, she went through this volume and, to my lasting and absolute horror, cut out some of the best images to use on the box papers -- and those images are now gone. *sigh*

Art is much less destructive in the digital age.

-- Frede.