Friday, March 6, 2015

La Lune

This is turning out to be a more personal deck than I intended or else admitted to myself that it would be. If that makes any sense. I thought this was just a simple, obvious idea, an easy knock out of the park. But it turns out, as usual, that there's more to the damn thing than what I planned on. The creative process has a way of ripping things out of the old subconscious... which is appropriate here, as The Moon is all about ripping things out of your subconscious, whether you want it to or not. 

Y'know... it's late at night as I type this, and night is when these feelings come calling, mostly at inconvenient times... but there are moments when things eat at you. I so wish that my grandparents and my mother were still alive to see the projects that I'm working on and to see that I'm actually succeeding at something... which none of them got to see in their lifetimes. I think they's all get a bang out of the work that I'm doing now, and it's sometimes a physical pain knowing that I can't show it to them. 

The Moon is a tricksy devil. 

-- Frede.