Friday, March 13, 2015

Seven Wands, Seven Clubs, Seven Batons... just ... Seven.

I started this one last night -- then found a real treasure trove of Punch artwork and set it aside for a moment. Today -- I must have looked at about 900+ images of Mister P, and not one of them was better for this card than the one I started out with last night. 

This is about as clearly derived from Colman Smith imagery as it can possibly get with a deck of this sort. I keep telling myself that this is supposed to be a simple Marseilles style deck with just cute little decorative arrangements of suit symbols on the pip cards, and I keep straying away from that. *sigh*

The base image is pretty much as-is, although I did go to the trouble of cutting out Mister Punch and isolating him on a separate layer, so that I could create the shadow effects around him. 

Whoever raises a club against Mister Punch does so at their own peril!!

-- Frede.