Wednesday, March 18, 2015

At Last -- The Wands are Done!

Although I'm still not halfway through, with two suits of the minors, two Court cards and assorted entries into the Majors I am closing in on the halfway mark. I want to see if I can cross it by Sunday night. Will I make it? Not even Mister Punch knows. 

As he does in many issues of PUNCH magazine, here Mr. P wields pens as a weapon. I like this a lot, not just for the obvious symbolism, but because many old Marseilles-style decks have wands that look distinctly (to my eye) as if they were pens with nibs. Here, I counted both the bow and the arrow towards the final total of eight. I originally intended to have all the wands in flight, but it looks better (and I don't think it hurts the meaning) if our jolly friend still has some "in his quiver," so to speak...

-- Frede.