Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stumbling In

Sometimes -- most often, in fact -- I'll start a design with little or no idea where in heck I'm going with the thing. I guess in general you could describe my workflow as "begin without a clue, then dick around with it until something seems like it might start to come together, and try not to make it look like complete rubbish." That's certainly the process I went through with this one. The ten of wands is all about burdens, and there just isn't a lot of Punch-related artwork out there that shows old Mr. P having a rough time of things -- he's usually the one who comes out on top in every situation. The best I could find was an old Victorian-era Christmas post card showing Mr. Punch stealing a gigantic Christmas pudding. I winged it from there, not knowing until the very end if it was going to come together or not. Very frustrating when you've got ten effing wands that each have to be moved around individually. I grouped those suckers as soon as I possibly could, and from there my life got steadily easier...

-- Frede.