Monday, February 9, 2015

The Fool on The Hill

The base image appeared on the front cover of most every issue of the Canadian version of Punch, the British satirical magazine. With the difference that the card is now set in The Frozen North, still I was able to model this very much on the famous Pamela Colman Smith version of the card. I was even able to use the pattern of her Fool's tunic on Mr. Punch here -- Photoshop's clone brush is a wonderful thing. The clockface doubling as a sun is a device I used in my Tarot of the Zirkus M├Ągi, on my Death card; I liked it very much there, so repeated it here and you can count on seeing it again sometime in the future. The very dense illustrative style of the original drawing gave me some difficulty, as you can see. Hopefully it works in the end, though... because I'm pretty much sold on this image as my Fool for this deck.


-- Frede.