Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Ace of Cups

The minor arcana in Marseilles decks are very spartan; I couldn't quite go to that extreme. And so, although you will notice that there's very little in the way of Waite/Smith symbolism going on, there's more theater, so to speak, than in the typical Marseilles style, and that's the balance I'm hoping to strike throughout all of the minor cards. In a typical Marseilles deck, however, the ace of cups is colored in vivid reds, yellows, peaches and cyans... I tried coloring my Ace Cup the same way, and it came out Ugly as Sin. So I scaled it back to the gold, and just added the little touches of red, and the cyan base. The crocodile is a very popular Punch & Judy character, and cups being the suit of water, this seemed as good a place for him as any. 

-- Frede.