Friday, February 13, 2015

Hanging the Hanged Man

Ah, Civility. Mr. Hangman has come along and is very kindly offering to string up Mister Punch for his crimes. It needs to be said that this "gift" is Richly Deserved. However, Mister P. has Other Ideas... and he also has a gift -- a tarot card, no less! -- to give to the Nice Man with the Rope. 

If you've been paying attention, you know what happens next.

Suffice to say that our anti-hero never pays for his crimes. Never. Probably the only reason the Hangman is still smiling is that he hasn't looked at the card yet.

Don't feel bad for the hangman, though... he's almost certainly strung up an innocent soul or two in his long career.

I realize this isn't quite the normal message of the card (which is one of the reasons I included a conventional Marseilles-style Hanged Man in the image)... but really, what else could I do here?

Time I started thinking about the minors... which will be pip-cards in the Marseilles manner, but I do hope to work Mister Punch onto each one somewhere.

-- Frede.