Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Welcome to a New Victorian Tarot

That's The Way to Do It!


The Victorian world of the Punch and Judy show is perfectly suited to Tarot. When you combine the rich history of his stage appearances with his iconic appearances in the British satirical magazine bearing his name, Mister Punch has mastered nearly every comic situation and is now ready to take on his biggest challenge of all, as you will soon see in his unique take on the tarot. 

Here is the home of my latest Tarot project -- a full tarot deck in the Marseilles style with a vintage, theatrical appeal. 

I am the creator of the acclaimed Tarot of the Zirkus M├Ągi, The Marvelous Oracle of Oz, and The Golliwogg Oracle. I am also the author of two novels, a volume of Tarot meanings, and an assortment of other odd items that I hope will amuse. My divination decks all have a vintage flavor, yet all are unique, and all are designed to be working tools useful to professional and novice readers alike. My decks all have an edge to them, and this one will be no exception. 

I hope you will join me in watching over the birth of this exciting "new vintage" tarot deck. Card designs will start appearing here soon. My hope is that the finished product will be ready for the second quarter of 2015.